More benefits for you

Better benefits for more people
In January 2014, the Oregon Health Plan will be open to more low-income adults. This will end the “health care lottery.” People who are on the waiting list today can have health care in January if they meet the income limits.

As a Health Share member, you may have questions about what these changes mean for you. Please read the questions and answers below to find out more about changes to the Oregon Health Plan in 2014. If you have any questions, please call Health Share Customer Service at 503-416-8090 or 888-519-3845 (TTY/TDD 711).

What changes are happening to OHP benefits?
Today, the Oregon Health Plan has two main benefit packages:
1. OHP Plus, a full benefit package. The benefits will stay the same.
2. OHP Standard, a limited benefit package. The benefits are improving. Today, Health Share serves about 15,000 people on OHP Standard.

On January 1, 2014, all OHP Standard members will receive the same, full health benefits as OHP Plus members. Both will be called simply: Oregon Health Plan Plus.

Oregon Health Plan Plus will include access to preventive care, access to primary care doctors, check-ups and mental health treatment. In addition, members will receive better management of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Oregon Health Plan Plus also has some dental and vision benefits.

I already have OHP Plus. What does this change mean to me?

If you are enrolled in OHP Plus, there is no change in your plan or benefits. You will have the same benefits you have today. Your provider or doctor will stay the same.

I have OHP Standard. What does this change mean to me?
If you are enrolled in OHP Standard, you will soon have more health benefits. Beginning January 2014, your coverage will include:

• Basic dental services including cleaning, fillings and extractions (No longer limited to urgent treatment only)
• Hearing aids and hearing aid exams
• Medical equipment and supplies (No longer limited to specific supplies like diabetic supplies, breathing equipment like oxygen and ventilators, etc.)
• Medical transportation (No longer limited to emergency transportation only)
• Physical therapy
• Occupational therapy
• Speech therapy
• Home health services such as physical therapy, intermittent skilled nursing care and speech-language pathology
• Acupuncture (No longer limited to chemical dependency treatment only)
• Vision services for eye health. Services to improve vision for clients with specific medical diagnoses such as aphakia, pseudoaphakia or keratoconus.

Will these changes cost me anything?
If you are enrolled in OHP Plus, nothing will change. Your co-payments do not change.

If you are enrolled in OHP Standard, you will no longer have to pay premiums after January 1, 2014.

If I am on OHP Standard, what do I do next?
You don’t need to do anything. You will automatically be enrolled in additional benefits that begin on January, 1 2014. You will receive a letter from the Oregon Health Authority with more information about these changes.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
If you have questions, you can call Health Share Customer Service at 503-416-8090 or 888-519-3845 (TTY/TDD 711) or you can call OHP Client Services at 1-800-273-0557.

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